Anyone can open a new travel agency

Any business can be streamlined with the help of technology, and anyone who wants to set up their own travel agency must know that it is simpler than ever today. In addition, it will be able to carry out its activity exclusively online with the help of travel agencies software. It is proposed by Travitude and brings the most important search engines for hotels, flights, airport transfers and not only, directly in one platform. In other words, users can solve everything directly on one site, without having to access them all separately, but the list of benefits does not stop there.

Certainly, one of the main advantages you can enjoy here is the fact that the procedures are completely automated, occasion which is considerably simplified the activity in the case of clients, but also of tour operators. Also, several types of services can be mixed and these will be displayed directly on their own platform. In this chapter we can remember reservations for accommodation units, for air tickets, airport transfers or various other activities. Moreover, everything is implemented in a single interface, the connections being API and XML.

As everything goes as fast, efficiently, automated, any user will have the best conditions because he can see in real time countless offers coming from the same operators. Also, reservations can be made at any time of the day and night, which is a great advantage for any agency as the activity can be limited exclusively online, without the usual offices where there is a strict schedule.

In addition, the whole process is very fast, which means that in just a few minutes all the necessary details for a vacation can be processed. Reservations are made on the spot, simple, without any headaches, which matters a lot for the user who today has no patience to waste time in the conditions in which the competition is very tight.

In other words, it is clear that it has never been so easy to set up your own travel agency, and Travitude simplifies procedures from all points of view. The process can be implemented in four simple and well-established stages. It all starts from choosing and configuring the desired suppliers, and then choosing the preferred payment methods. In addition, Travitude offers the ability to create a custom design of the platform, to make it much easier to create your own brand.

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